Endurance Races Software in Car, Moto, Karting, 4x4, Fun Cup, Truck ...

06/11/2012 14:27

GBRacing PE3

Endurance Races Software in Car, Moto, Karting, 4x4, Fun Cup, Truck ...

This new GB Racing PE3 was developed around a more powerful “engine” of management, implementing all the computing power of the processors 64 bits.


Management allows:

• Races of endurance in Car, Moto, Karting, Fun-Cup, Truck… (of  1H30 to 36H)
• 6 languages, (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese)
• From 2 to 9 Pilots, (72 relays in optimum configuration)
• Relays and False relay, (pilot Exchange or passage in the pit lane)
• Refueling, (hour, time remaining and fuel gauge)
• Modification of the autonomy of the 1st refueling, (Not of full after the qualifications)
• Tires,
• Brake,
• Stops Mechanics, (programmed and not programmed)
• Minimum Weight, (By posting of the differential of weight between leaving and entering pilot)
• Pit board,
• Changes of pilot,
• Time of race,
• Time remaining,
• Number of relays carried out,
• Departure of the race by single button “START”
• Real end of each relay by a single button, (Calculation in real time of the following relays)
• Of all interactive Alarms for the programmed operations,
• Messages of information and recall, (automatic text and personal)
• Addition of time of rolling of each pilot, (Conformity with the regulations)
• Rest periods between each relay of a pilot, (Conformity with the regulations)
• Positioning of the places of pointing (Entry-Stand-Exit-Differential type: 24H of Le Mans Open)
• Positioning of the place of the refueling (Entry-Stand-Exit-Out of the pit lane)
• Times of passage in pit lane (Stop watch integrated for calculation of average time)
• Optimization of the planning of the pilots (Weight, Performance, order of passage…)
• Total PLANNING of race,
• STRATEGY (Inversion, suppression, modification, doubling or tripling the relays)
• SIMULATION during the race, (virtual Position and lap time)
• All simulations before the race. (To refine the strategies)


In race, a single display informs you how INTERACTIVE:

• On each trigger event by displaying growing LED lights (Type F1)
• The name of the pilot in the race,
• The running time,
• The relay time remaining
• The Number of relays made,
• The name of the pilot must take over the next
• Time remaining to prepare,
• Time remaining pit board,
• From the curfew in the pit lane,
• The differential gueusage the following pilot from the previous pilot,
• From the time of fueling,
• The change of tires,
• The change of the brake pads,
• Scheduled Stops Mechanics (Other than tires and brakes)
• The doubling or tripling of the same relay pilot
• Information simulation (time and average time to reach real tour)
• Respect for the rest time between two relays (alarm indicator and reminder text)
• False relay in the relay to perform, depending on the programming.

See : gbracing.webnode.fr/gb-racing-pe3/english-version/