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(Auto, Moto, Karting, 4x4, Fun Cup)

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Team Managers and team endurance, everything you've dreamed of setting in a race, simulate and change, before and during a race

Interactive application for good planning and better management of races


Programmable Racing 1h30 to 25h, by 1/2h Separation

Automatic calculation:

  • The best planning according to the parameters entered, the Rules of Racing, autonomy, and the number of drivers ...


Informs You of:

  • Errors or inconsistencies throughout your preparation.



  • Relay, fuel, the number of relays and false relays... 


Handles on the same screen:

  • Pilots,
  • Relay,
  • False relay,
  • Fuel,
  • Tires,
  • Pit board,
  • Changes,
  • Alerts,
  • Race time,
  • Time remaining,
  • Number of relays performed, the accumulated time of pilots, the rest time between each relay a pilot may be required ...


  • All simulations pre-race planning pilots,
  • Reversing the order of drivers before or during the race,
  • The removal of one or more pilots on one or more relays (no overnight, for example),
  • The organization and management of false relay based on race conditions,
  • Time entry of the second relay to stick closer to the reality and immediate recalculation of all parameters of the succeeding ...

Warns you:

  • Start the race by START button
  • Name of the driver that must take over in the next relay,
  • Time remaining to prepare the pit board, the curfew in the pits,
  • Refueling, time to exit the pit for some races,
  • the relay`s or false relay`s to make in order to comply with the race rules...
  • To avoid a strategy or regulation mistake, 



  • Enables backup of your race data to preserve the history of each race.


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